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The Superhero

I killed the thief with my knife. I had to recognize he fought bravely. He even had been able to injury me, but finally he fell, as everybody who meets the Justice. Mum and Dad were going to think I cut myself, so I’d must hide the pain.
When I arrived at home, they even didn’t ask me where I had been. Every afternoon I was supposed to be studying with Emily, but the truth was that every day, after finishing school, I ate my special pill (that gave me wonderful powers) and I went out to free the city from criminals. It was a hard work, but made me happy.
I entered to my room, I changed my clothes and I washed my injuries. When I went to dinner I didn’t seem to came from having murdered a man.
I didn’t feel guilty at all: I was doing my duty.
Meanwhile, the man of the news was saying police just have discovered the dead body of the man who worked in the restaurant besides my street. Oh! If I wouldn’t be fighting the thief that, by chance, was stealing in that same restaurant, I could go rescue him. Poor man.
Next day, after having lunch, I ate my daily pill and I went to street waiting for any murderer to appear and spoilt his crime. I wanted to avoid any assassinate.
When I passed through the high school’s door, everybody looked me as if I was mad, or if I just had drug me; but I ignored them as every day.
Passing through a street, I saw two figures at the top of a huge building of at least fifty floors. They seemed to be in trouble. I quickly ran into the building and went up to the highest floor. I saw what was happening and I realized the gravity of the situation. The murderer cached his knight plenty of red blood and locked me challenging. He was waiting me to attack him.
Suddenly he ran into the border and jumped.
I followed him as quickly as I could and I also jumped.
He would fall, but I could flew with the powers the pill gave me.
But something went unexpectedly. I was falling on to the empty, and the thief of lives had disappeared miraculously.
My wings didn’t open, so I was falling. Why didn’t they open? What was happening? All lights and windows were appearing and disappearing of my view. The wind was violently trying to save me from the falling, but it couldn’t. Anyone could. All went so fast.
While falling, I though what would think of me the ones who said I was evil or junky.

Martina Llop Salas 

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